Done! At the end, I have set up a blog and portfolio, all in one. The blog has its first post (where I explain more) and then there is my portfolio with videos and photos separated (The photo galleries look awesome) Here the link, it’s easy to find it all … -

A P R I L - [4/12] (at Collserola)

Looking over Barcelona (at Collserola)

Reflected (at Barceloneta)

Sun & Shade

Cloudy day in ‘Sant Feliu’ Skatepark with pratically nobody in it! (Rained the day before, luckly it cleared and dried, also some cool puddles arroud for some cool shots)
Skating after many weeks of not much activity, but we didn’t do bad!

The edit was sort of a challenge/timeconsuming, luckily my workflow is pretty dynamic from experience and i had the extra time (altough i faced many problems with the software (crashes, errors)mybad)… 
It’s really my shortest ‘video’, but it is really action compressed… still continuing with the style of ”all to the beat”, altough (without over doing it like last time hehe)(i even had to slightly modify the song for adding the title and making it finish earlyer).
I also tried out new techniques… new cool filming angles and camera motion movements in ‘x+y’, and in the edit flawless transitions between clips (which i am really pleased how they turned out!) and some new ‘sequence’ shots which are perfect for skateboarding action really showing all the trick off (tried out 4 ways to do it you can apreciate that in the video) and also i created from two moving shots, two 3D titles tracked in motion (an idea i always wanted to do and this was perfect, time consuming and not 100% perfect but pretty cool result for my 1st time)
-i hope you enjoyed reading my feedback and toughts, videocreating is awesome and the final product is just the result in minutes… but so much goes in to it! (thats why i love it)

SKATERS: David Abades + Alex Gallach

CAMERA: GoPro HERO3 (ThanksAlex)

SONG: Nomadic Firs - Cover Bombs (ODESZA Edit)

New Purchase!

M A R C H - [3/12]

Ollie UP - New video “Day In The Park” w/ @agallach8 - Tomorrow! (at Sant Feliu Skate Park)

Almond Blossom